Program for mødet med forbehold for ændringer:

TEAM COUNTER SUMMIT in London Saturday the 11th of June 2016

Draft programme

9.30-10.00 Registration

10.00-10.15 Welcome by John Boyd, TEAM chairman (confirmed)
First session

10.15-12.15 EU opposition in different countries and experiences with EU pro scaremongering before EU referendums.
- Patricia McKenna, former Irish Green MEP and board member of TEAM 15 min (confirmed)
- Lave K. Broch, substitute member of the EU parliament for the People’s Movement against the EU in Denmark and member of the TEAM board 15 min (confirmed)
- Jan-Erik Gustavsson, president of the Swedish People’s Movement No to the EU 15 min (confirmed)
- Brian Denny, Trade Unionists Against the EU (TUAEU) 15 min (confirmed)

Questions and discussions 30 min.

12.00-12.30 Break

Second session

12.30-14.30 Are there viable alternatives to the EU?
- Helle Hagenau, international leader from Nei til EU in Norway 15 min (confirmed).
- Erna Bjarnadóttir, board member from Heimssyn in Iceland and economist 15 min (confirmed).
- Paul Ruppen, Europa-Magazin, Switzerland 15 min (confirmed)
- Nauja Lynge, debater on the Danish Realm with Greenlandic background (15 min) (confirmed).

Questions and answers 45 min.

14.30-14.45 Break

Third session

14.45-16.45 The EU foreign policy a problem for the world and peace?
- Marianne Alapini, Speaker on EU foreign policy on Africa 15 min (confirmed)
- Kjell Dahle, former Secretetary General for the Norwegian Centre Party. 15 min (confirmed)
- Peter Lunenborg, Researcher, Trade for Development Programme, South Centre 15 min (confirmed)
- Horst Teubert, German Foreign Policy Group 15 min (confirmed)

16.45-17.15 What should we do now?

Perspectivation, discussion and farewell by John Boyd (confirmed)

Information about registration and participation fee

Participation fee for registered guests £ 5 (and £ 3 for unwaged). International delegates do not have to pay any participation fee but also have to register. Last day for registration is Wednesday the 8th of June. Unregistered guests will have to pay £ 7. Payment has to be in cash at the venue. Please register by sending an e-mail to: