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We’re fighting for democracy. And we need your help.

The People’s Movement Against the EU is a grassroots movement fighting for democracy and sovereignty in Denmark. Small contributions from members and supporters are what keep our doors open. We’re greatly appreciative of whatever you can spare.

Thank you so much for supporting our cause!

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Contribute via credit card, debit card or PayPal:

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Contribute via bank tranfer/Wise

Iban: DK31 9860 00000 25100
Account holder: Folkebevægelsen mod EU
Our Address: Lyngbyvej 42, 2100 København Ø, Denmark
Our bank: Middelfart Sparekasse
Bank’s address: Middelfart Sparekasse
Havnegade 21
5500 Middelfart

Approximate currency conversion rates:

200 £22 27 €27 3765 257 $29
500 £56 68 €67 9399 635 $73
1000 £112 137 €134 18797 1270 $146
10000 £1123 1368 €1345 187970 12703 $1462
20000 £2247 2736 €2689 375941 25407 $2925

What you’re supporting:

We’re currently campaigning to keep the Danish opt-out on the EU’s defense policy, which is being put to a referendum on June 1st. The defense opt-out keeps Denmark out of institutions like the EU Defense Agency, EU Battlegroups, PESCO, and EU military missions. The opt-out also means Denmark is exempted from funding those activities. It allows Danish elected politicians to remain in full control of Danish defense policy. Read more about our opt-out campaign on our Danish site.

Contributions given between now and June 1st will go to our “Defend the defense opt-out”-campaign.

Donations will fund:

  • Leaflets and pamplets about the defense opt-out
  • Social media campaigns
  • Print ad campaigns

Our values:

We’re running an honest campaign.
Our materials are 100% based on well-researched information. We aim to combat pro-EU fearmongering with honest, fact-checked arguments.

We believe in accountability and economic transparency. 
Even though we’re a grassroots organization and not a political party, we voluntarily choose to follow the same strict accounting guidelines as Danish political parties. We publicize how we spend our money, so contributors know what they’re contributing to.

Please note: We are required by law to list the name of any contributor donating more than 20.000 DKK.

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